David L. Pittman, Jr.

David L. Pittman, Jr., the owner and solo Professional Photographer of DP Photography LLC, hails from the Gulf Coast of Mississippi. Since the 90’s, Mr. Pittman has possessed an affinity for photography, capturing moments of himself and others around him with point and shoot cameras, specifically the disposable cameras which were extremely popular in the 90’s. During that time, he did not necessarily take photography serious but more as a pastime. However, in fact, he did love taking pictures.

Fast-forward to 2007, someone purchased him a point and shoot camera which he used constantly. Mr. Pittman loved that camera and had taken a large number of photos with the camera, all of which were on the SD Card inside the camera. Some unfortunate circumstances transpired which led to the loss of the camera. He tried tirelessly to retrieve the camera but to no avail, the camera was never recovered.

Between that time up to 2018, there were several different episodes which occurred that always placed Mr. Pittman in a situation where he was literally forced to become the “picture man.” As more and more opportunities presented themselves, Mr. Pittman took it as a sign that he was destined to become a photographer. Consequently, he began to take photography seriously. He revealed his desire to become a professional photographer to a few family members and friends. Some supported the vision, others didn’t support the vision but regardless of support or non-support, Mr. Pittman moved forward to fulfill what he loved and knew one day would become a manifest reality. He could not afford to attend formal schooling due to a lack of finances and due to a lack of time. Therefore, he devised a plan to learn photography on his own. He observed several professional photographers on various internet platforms, watched countless hours of videos, practiced what he was learning, kept practicing, practiced even more, and is still practicing to constantly improve his skillset in order that he will be able to continue capturing your indelible moments that will last for many generations to come.

Against all odds and the negativity of the naysayers, Mr. Pittman legally established DP Photography LLC and opened his first Photography Studio in February of 2019. Despite the criticism of not having ever run a business and not having attended formal schooling to learn photography, DP Photography LLC did not close in six months, survived the pandemic, and has moved into a much larger space in less than five years of originally opening.

So you ask, “What is DP Photography LLC about?” Reread the four preceding paragraphs and draw your own conclusion as to what DP Photography LLC is about.